La tene symbol 17aLa Tene promotes peace and enjoyment of others cultures.


Practitioners and participants from a mix of resident communities, join representatives from British and Irish communities for a day of interactive workshops; to be followed with an evening of cultural music, performance and storytelling exchanges.

The evening is based around the ancient Celtic tradition of Gatherings where groups from various parts gathered at specific sites to celebrate others and their diversity. This was common practise all over Celtic Europe.  La Tene, in present day Switzerland was an important centre for this culture.

The event also includes a visual exhibition about Europe’s recent past and the contemporary issues now facing it. It presents Europe’s transformation as a journey from a troubled divided continent towards a wider and inclusive society. People, places and events reflect this journey. La Tene Gatherings will reflect a small example of its destination.

The Citizens Wallpaper is a project working with local people to create their View on Their World. It creates a visual exhibition by local people about their lives and community. The results are shared with society at local and national venues.