APAC Association:

APAC Association is established to advance education, to promote public appreciation of and participation in the visual and performing arts, and especially the art of photojournalism and documentary photography, drama, performance and music, and to use the visual and performing arts as a means to promote good citizenship and good community relations; and in particular:

– to advance education concerning the history, cultures, traditions and the lives of the people of Europe, and of other parts of the World;
– to provide the general public, and especially young people, with an opportunity for self-expression through the visual and performing arts to communicate their experiences and concerns to a wider audience;
– to use the visual and performing arts as a medium for promoting understanding, tolerance and respect between individuals, communities, cultures and nations.
– to work with educational establishments in promoting these aims.


Martin Nangle:

Martin Nangle is an award winning photojournalist. Martin worked for national and international media during the Northern Ireland conflict from 1977 till 1989. After his assignment to cover the fall of the Berlin Wall he was seconded to Associated Press London. Locations included Jerusalem, Damascus, Kuwait, Iraq, Cairo and later the Balkans. He documented culture and society during the early years of post-Communism and the secessionist Wars in Yugoslavia and recently daily life against the backdrop of civil conflict in Burma.

Martin Nangle is chairman of APAC association (Associated photojournalism for Art & Culture)