Armagh & Salisbury Exhibitions, 2018

APAC’s Renowned Divided Cities project supports the Citizens Wallpaper project in bringing together artistic responses to conflict and its effect on communities.
The project explores life in four cities that have been divided by segregation or security barriers. It commences in Belfast in 1973 and continues to the present, contrasting the experiences in Berlin at the fall of the Wall (1989), Jerusalem (1990-1991) and Nicosia (2015-2016). it documents daily life after a rupture of the social fabric and investigates how ordinary people transform their environment in a positive response to exceptional circumstances.
The Citizens Wallpaper and the search for the Golden Lion brings together photojournalism with excerpts from the Citizens Wallpaper project. The combination of citizens journalism and photojournalism presents visual representations of culture, identity and tradition. What unites this contrasting material is a focus on ordinary people and their lives. The exhibition demonstrates how photojournalism can assist local communities in creating their own artistic visual representations.
The exhibition launches a new phase pf the Citizens Wallpaper expressing the character of village and urban life in the Test Valley and the Salisbury area.