Citizens Wallpaper Dublin Exhibition Themes

Apac’s Citizens Wallpaper Project in Fumbally Exchange Gallery,  5 Dame Lane,  Dublin. August 15th – 24th 2014.   Exhibition themes


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“Looking Through Walls.”  A retrospective view about walls in two European cities. The November week the Berlin Wall fell down to Belfast’s interface galleries



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The Citizens Wallpaper is a safe space where people can speak in confidence about themselves, their experiences, discoveries and memories. It is about encouraging us to talk to each other, to learn from one another and to celebrate our differences. It engages communities in expressing identity and citizenship through creativity.




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Together in Pieces  Changing landscapes, changes mindsets.

The exhibition will present an edited version of “Together in Pieces,” a short documentary which examines walls in Derry-Londonderry, historic and otherwise with an objective analysis of their use as a political device.  The film examines perceptions towards their use and, whether political slogans on our walls truly reflect sentiments of communities they overlook.

Many films to date deal with issues about Northern Ireland that are firmly grounded in the past; this film looks ahead, to the future. Communities are taking back ownership of their walls. Commissioned by the Community Relations Council, “Together in Pieces” documents the valuable work going on behind the scenes, behind these walls.




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“Reflection” is a contemporary visual narrative about the Europe since 1989 till present. It illustrates a period of evolution, shifting cultural and political currents; where citizens are at the heart of stories shaping a new society and its future.



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A movement of International street artists from Europe and USA have donated a body of artwork on canvas created at Northern Ireland’s peace walls. They will be on display at the exhibition. Please inform a colleague/friend about this community exhibition project.